Born in Madison, Wis., Anthony Laney grew up in South Florida. His father raised Anthony with older brother Michael and younger brother Daryl. He got his first job cutting grass at age 11 and spent his later teenage years working on a golf course for his father. His father has always been an inspiration and instilled Anthony with a strong work ethic.

Anthony has spent more than 17 years in IT. He started providing technical support for Universal Studios while studying at DeVry University in Orlando, Fla. After graduation, he joined a Florida real estate firm as a system administrator until the recession hit. An eDiscovery firm quickly picked him up for network infrastructure and forensics analyst support in Virginia.

A few years later, Anthony joined a Law firm in Washington, D.C., where he spent seven years working an array of technologies. After a while, the law firm consolidated Anthony and others to Nashville, Tenn. While setting up a new office, he caught the eyes of Erin from finance, and they began dating. The two discovered they were the perfect match and tied the knot. They enjoy hiking with their daughters Hailey and Stella.

After leaving the law firm, Anthony joined a leading eDiscovery firm in Nashville, heading up the application support department. While there, he shaped the technology stack which helped the company grow to $28 million in revenue.

Though Anthony grew around farms, he never thought he would run one. He and Erin grew more health-conscious. They decided to plant a garden and shepherd a few goats, chickens and ducks. As a small farmer and discerning consumer, he knew something was missing in the local food chain.

A fellow in Anthony’s men’s group brought an idea to him in April 2019. Tom Cunningham had thought up a better way to link livestock farmers and meat consumers. Exciting, Anthony had been thinking of a similar thing for produce. A partnership was incubated through conversation, and finally, Grazr hatched, Anthony as CTO, Tom as CEO.

Anthony leads the development of the web platform and technology. He wants to give back to farmers what he believes they deserve and help customers get quality meats for their families.

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