Frequently Asked Questions

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What meats are available?

Beef, pork, lamb and goat.

Can I buy or sell poultry?

Not yet, but we would love to make this happen. We are working with processors to make this a reality.

Is there a minimum herd size to sign up?

Nope! We love farms of all sizes. Raising two goats? No problem!

How much does it cost for farmers?

Grazr is free to farmers. Visit our partner page to learn more.

Can I buy or sell fruits or vegetables?

For now, we are only offering meats. We hope to expand to more products in the future.

Is there a minimum order size?

The minimum order size depends on the animal. Wholes, halves and quarters for beef and pork. Whole animal only for sheep and goats.

Can I buy a T-shirt or hat?

We are honored by your interest in supporting Grazr. We’ll let you know when our merchandise becomes available.

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