Blessings of Buying Local

Local meats aren’t just for the health-conscious among us. Buying local imparts a few more blessings.

According to a study on meeting the demand for local food:
“Robust local food systems offer social, environmental and economic benefits. Purchasing local food can help preserve local farmland and reduce the distance food travels between farmers and consumers. In addition, an ample supply of local food may reduce a region’s vulnerability to supply disruptions and global food safety concerns. Local food purchases can support local economies by keeping food dollars in circulation within communities. Local food can also link growers with consumers who are hungry for a connection to farms and farmers. “
Source: “Scaling Up: Meeting the Demand for Local Food.” UW-Extension Ag Innovation Center, UW-Madison Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems, Dec. 2009

Grazr ticks all the boxes:

[x] Preserves of local farmland.

Marketing remains a tough task for many small farmers. Branding, pricing and locating buyers takes time and money. Grazr helps farmers maintain and scale up their livestock operations, which incentivizes the preservation of pastures and forests near end consumers.

[x] Reduces the distance food travels

Grazr keeps the supply chain local. As Grazr increases the number of participating processors, the distance shrinks further. As more farmers that sign up, demand for new custom processors increases.


[x] Reduces local supply vulnerabilities and global safety concerns.

Our customers don’t worry about bad beef imports because they aren’t buying global beef. A conventional plant disruption goes unnoticed to the Grazr user. Our metaphorical eggs are spread across many local baskets as apposed to a few national or global coops.

[x] Keeps food dollars in local circulation.

Self-explanatory. Local farmers grow their herds. Local processors open new facilities. Local consumers taste the difference. No international money wires. No trade wars. 

[x] Link farmers with consumers through farmer profiles.

We encourage farmers to fully capitalize on Grazr’s free personal and farm profiles and communicate directly with their fans. The more accessible farmers are, the more consumers participate. 



Sign up for Grazr and share the blessings that come with eating meats raised around the corner!

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