About Grazr

How it Works:

Local Farmers

1. Create unique and personal farm profile.

2. List livestock for sale.

3. Deliver sold livestock to buyer via local processor.

Local Processors

1. Process and package meats.

Local Customers

1. Create a profile and choose preferred processors.

2. Browse and purchase livestock share, pick cuts on the Virtual Cut List.

3. Grab packaged order from preferred local processor and enjoy.


Virtual Cut List

Our exclusive Virtual Cut List allows you to choose* how you want your meat processed.

Loin chops and rumps?

Ground beef and sirloins?

Select from a variety of options.

*available cuts vary by processor.
*Virtual Cut List available for half and whole shares only.

Action Center

The Action Center keeps you updated on the next step.

Visit your seller or buyer dashboard to view your action center.

What is it?

Grazr is an online marketplace for buying and selling meats locally.

It seamlessly links farmers, processors and consumers for more accessible, farm-fresh meats.

How We Got Started

As farmers we experienced the headaches in bringing animals to local markets. Restrictions on sales, difficulty attracting new customers, not knowing how much to bring to market.

As consumers we were frustrated by the complexity, lack of variety and high costs of trying to find delicious, locally-raised meats.

Grazr is the solution.

Our Mission

Farmers raising their best livestock.

Processors making their best cuts.

Families getting a variety of meats at the best value.

Stitched together in a seamless online platform.

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