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Sourcing Local Food while supporting your local farmers

About Us

Grazr is an online marketplace for buying and selling meats locally. The Grazr platform seamlessly links farmers, processors and consumers for more accessible, farm-fresh meats. As farmers we experienced the headaches in bringing animals to local markets. Restrictions on sales, difficulty attracting new customers, not knowing how much to bring to market or which cuts made for a clumsy and expensive system. As consumers we were frustrated by the complexity, lack of variety and high costs of trying to find delicious, locally-raised meats. Grazr is the solution. Farmers raising their best livestock. Processors making their best cuts. Families getting a variety of meats at the best value. Stitched together in a seamless online platform

Always local never imported

How it works




Variety of Meat Without Compromising.

Grazr is variety, whether it’s beef or lamb, pork or goat, Angus or Wagyu, grain-finished or grass-finished, Grazr brings everyone to the table.


When it comes to selecting beef for your family, you are only a click away from the best local options ranging from Angus to Wagyu, grass fed to grain finished and everything in between. Variety is the spice of life. 


Do you love Bacon, Pork ribs, Pork belly, or charcuterie? We sure do! select heritage breeds for a pig roast or a family BBQ.


Who doesn’t love themselves Lamb Lolipop or shanks? The taste of deliciously prepared lamb is mouth-watering.  


Grazr’s got goat! If you haven’t tried Goat you are missing out. Goat is some of the most tender and health meat on the market. 

The Founders

CEO / Co-Founder

Tom, retired from the Fire Service at 30 years old to become an ag-tech entrepreneur.

CTO / Co-Founder

Anthony has spent 16 years in Legal Technology while helping organizations grow and expand their technology offerings.

Straight From the Farm

We Believe in Quality

Grazr is proud to feature farmers. Check out the video below from friend and advisor to the Grazr team Cliff Davis of Pig and Leaf in Summertown TN.

Frequently Asked Questions

What meats are available?

Grazr Marketplace offers Beef, pork, lamb, and goat.

Can I buy or sell poultry?

Not at this time, but we would love to make this happen. We are working with processors to make this a reality.

Is there a minimum herd size to sign up?

Nope! We love farms of all sizes. Raising two goats? No problem!

How much does it cost for farmers?

Not at this time.

Can I buy or sell fruits or vegetables?

For now, we are only offering meats. We hope to expand to more products in the future.

Is there a minimum order size?

The minimum order size depends on the animal. Wholes, halves and quarters for beef and pork. Whole animal only for sheep and goats.

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Can I buy a T-shirt or hat?

We are honored by your interest in supporting Grazr. We’ll let you know when our merchandise becomes available.